Wednesday, September 16, 2009

India - A Melting Pot....?

Up until yesterday, I always considered India to be a melting point, where you could add virtually anything; and it would be stirred to get an identity called India.

I couldn't have been more wrong on this.
A Melting Pot, is by definition; a place or thing in which one can mix innumerable ingredients, and come out with a unique flavor.

In India, one can definitely mix innumerable ingredients, but the resultant item contains traces of each of these distinct ingredients. Rather than a Melting Pot, India can be considered a Canvas stretching infinity, where each Pixel has its own distinct hue and color, and all this adds to the uniqueness of the canvas. Every Pixel has the right to change its color, or its location at any point in time, and new Pixels are always welcomed.

Applying this analogy to the Languages of India, we already have around 25+ registered scripts, and more than 1000+ recognized dialects.

The new Pixel to join the Indian Language Canvas is my very own mother tongue, Kutchi.

Kutchi till date has been a Dialect (a language which is only spoken, it has no script). It is passed from one generation to another only verbally.

But, this may not be true going forward. Kutchi has found a new script:

Kutchi will have a Pictorial language.

Vry soon, I shall then get an opportunity to post some stuff out here in my own language!

Till then,
अलविदा, फिर मिलेंगे,


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