Friday, October 02, 2009

Garden of Life

What's in a Garden that draws persons of all ages, and from all walks of life.

A simple Garden can be best described as having lush green grass, and a few Swings,Slides, Merry-Go-Rounds etc; where kids have a gala time; and adults can spend some quality time with their family and with nature.

The Grass represents natures attitude towards us; you may trample over the grass, shred the grass buds; but it refuses to die down; it just grows up the way it is destined to.
This is the Never Say Die attitude that nature wants us to imbibe.

The Swing is one of the first equipments that a child learns to play in the garden. It represents the starting point.
Given a slight Push, the child can then continue to be in motion, enjoying the periodic going up motion, and the shrill in the tummy while coming down.
We all require that little initial push to shake off our inertia.
Very few of us have an Auto Start button; we need to be Kick started into motion.

The Slide remains one of the favorites with kids. They love climbing onto the top of the Slide, and sliding down; and redoing the thing all over again.
This represents our daily grind. Climbing the Ladder to anywhere worth going is always tough, and takes time and effort. However, the Slide down is fast. Once down, we have to again aspire to reach the top.

However much we may proclaim that the The World is Flat; the fact remains that it is round. The Merry-Go-Round helps us realize that what goes around, is what comes around. Do good, and good will happen with you.

So, feeling a bit bored today; a bit dull? Take a walk through the nearby Garden; and appreciate the Garden Of Life.

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