Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ek - The power of ending in a 1

The festive season is here again, and there is a lot of excitement, and hope in the air that the gloomy days and the dreaded R (read Recessionary) days are behind us.

One of the earliest memories I have of celebrating Diwali and New Year is that of waking up early in the morning, dressing up in new clothes, and visiting friends and relatives to wish them love and luck for the upcoming year.
We children used to have a gala time, gorging over sweets and receiving gifts and cold cash; inevitably in strange denominations like Rs 11/-, Rs 21/-. Rs 51/- or Rs 151/- etc...

I always wondered what was the rationale behind giving cash in such odd denominations. I never received my pocket money in such strange denominations; it always used to be a round figure.

Only recently did I come to know the significance of giving gifts and donations ending in a 1.

As per our ancient scriptures, a cash gift received, which ends a 1 indicates that the giver wishes us love, luck and that the blessings of the giver are with us with this gift.

In times of tragedy also people do make donations.
Here too, there is a practice of ending a donation on a one, like donating Rs 101/-, Rs 1001/- etc/
Here, it signifies that the donor sympathies are with the victim, and the donor wishes to do all that he can to help; but, at this point of time this is the maximum contribution that he can provide for.

So, the next time you are making a donation, remember to end on a 1!

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