Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First Line of Defence

They are all behind you, they are all honking for you.
All that they want is that you move forward; if atleast, not in life, then at this signal stop.

What do you do at this juncture ?
Do you buckle under pressure, and jump the gun, or do you give your best performance by staying put...

This is the condition most motorists (specially two wheel riders) face at most of the signal posts in Pune. While it is a known fact that the traffic (or put it traffic sense!) in Pune city is highly irregulated, things get worse when you have a row of two wheel riders lined up at a signal post, trying to be as law abiding as possible; and behind them is a slew of motorists who do not take their hands of their horns.

This is where the "First Line of Defence" is reminded, if your"First Line of Defence" is good ie law abiding, courageous, one which would not buckle under pressue; be rest assured that there would be discipline follwed to the last d.

This is when i get reminded of our nations "First Line of Defence".
Is because of all our brave Jawans who man our vast and trecherous borders that we live in a "Colision Free" world.
Just imagine if the nations "First Line of Defence" would buckle under pressure (not of blaring horns ! but real PRESSURE) , what would be our condition ??

With that thought in mind, i stay put at the signal post; forgetting all the blaring behind my back, only the thought that i am part of the "First Line of Defence" (atleast over here that keeps me stay put)

The Unshakable
Manish Gajjaria