Friday, May 19, 2006

Source of Inspiration

The other day i was at the photo shop waiting to get my photos to be delivered, when an aged woman came along asking the person behind the counter for her photographs.
From the ascent of her tone, and her peach red hair she appeared French.
The person behind the counter promptly delivered her the photographs while i still stay waititng.

I was actually sort of surprised to see the photographs that she had in her hand and was admiring; these photographs were of steet urchins playing on the streets; of half derssed beggars, of street children playing next to garbage depots and the like...

Instinctively, i asked her "Madam, are these the only imags of India that you would carry with you ?"
With a glean in her eyes, she looked staright at me giving me a wry smile.
She then told in broken English, "these are the source of my inspiration".

I was taken aback and asked her,"What do these people have that happens to inspire you"

She replied, "just look at their faces, thir innocent faces, their smiling faces...inspite of having most the basic necessities we people always live with a sense of dissatisfaction...and look at these people, they dont know where their next meal will come, will it come or not and still they are enjoing all that life has to offer to them...we have to be like them to be really happy"

I then realised that a majority of us people look at persons like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and the likes when asked "Who is your source of inspiration ??"

We seldom do realise that the worlds toughes of questions have the simplest of answers..and more often than not these answers are found in near surroundings..