Monday, November 27, 2006


Hungry Kya ? Call Dominoes!

There is this oft repeated phrase /cliche which goes "If you want to succeed, you must have that hunger within, that fire in your belly".

One of the Pakistani cricketers, Salman Butt, i guess took this phrase literally and during the one off centenary match that was played at the Eden Gardens, Kolkatta; Salman Butt maintained a fast, and did not have and food intake either before or during the progress of the match...he survived purely on fluids, and ofcourse that will to succeed, and suceed he did...

He scored a magnificent century studded with some amazing display of drives, cuts, pulls et all, and helped Pak beat India in that one off.

I wonder whether any of our current Indian team cricketers would be ready to anything of that sort. News keeps pouring in the papers, that so fussy are our cricketers about their food, that they have outsourced their meals to an Indian caterer, who prepares made to order Indian dishes and delivers the same at the team hotel.

No doubt, with their stomachs filled, they tend to spene more time in the dressing room than on the filed these days...

To succeed in sport, or any other sphere of life, one needs to have that will, an indomitable will to succeed against all odds, come what may. And this comes purely from within, you cannot pay some thousand bucks, and get yourself all charged up with that will; what you can do, certainly, is to introspect, set new realistic targets, reach for new horizons, and challenge yourself to achieve the same; after all Success is but what, but, 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration.

NOTE: All names mentioned here are only for illusionary purposes. No offence meant whatsover to any person, place, firm etc.